'Borderline Insanity': 430-Pound Sumo Wrestler Swims Across Idaho Lake ... Twice


As promised, an Idaho sumo wrestler conquered Bear Lake at the Idaho/Utah border, swimming the width of the lake twice on Monday.

44-year-old Kelly Gneiting battled wind, rain and choppy whitecaps Aug. 25 as the became only the fourth person to swim the width of Bear Lake twice.

This morning's Idaho State Journal reports that when Gneiting stepped from the water, he said, "Overwhelming. This was borderline insanity."

Gneiting had already entered the Guiness Book of World Records for being the heaviest person to complete a marathon (the 2011 Los Angeles Marathon).

He's currently 430 pounds.

Gneiting is a five-time U.S. sumo champion. He'll be coaching a team of teenagers this coming weekend at the World Sumo Championships in Taiwan.