Email Scam Targets Boise Victims With 'Car Wraps'


One Boise victim is already out $2,000 and another near-victim thought something was wrong with a promise from an email before she contacted law enforcement. And now, Boise Police want the public to know about the scam.

According to authorities, an email or an e-commerce website is offering cash to car owners willing to have their vehicles wrapped in a company logo. The company even mentions major brands and promises several hundred dollars a week to unsuspecting victims.

Those that accept the offer are sent a check, but when cashing the check, victims are told to send some of the money back to the company. In one case, a victim wired $2,000. But the checks are fraudulent, causing banks to demand the money back.

"Education is the key to eliminating victims in this scam and dozens of others like it," said financial crime investigator Det. Wade Spain of the Boise Police Department. "It's very hard to tell a victim they will not be getting their cash back."

Both Boise victims were contacted via un-solicited emails.