Taxes, Taxes and More Taxes in Valley County


Valley County residents are preparing to shell out more in taxes.

While the McCall City Council recently approved a 2015 budget that includes no increase to property taxes, the same council is moving closer to putting a hike of the city's sales tax on November's ballot. The McCall Star-News reports that council members are crafting the exact language of an ordinance that will ask residents if they're in favor of bumping up the sales tax by 1 percent. City officials say an estimated $1 million in extra revenues would be used for repairs of streets and water and sewer lines.

In Cascade, that city's council is proposing a hike of 3 percent in property taxes as part of its proposed 2015 budget. The Star-News reports that the increase would help pay a 1 percent pay raise for city employees.

Meanwhile, everyone in Valley County is facing a possible 9.4 percent increase in property taxes after Valley County commissioners unveiled a 2015 budget that totals $17 million. The Star-News reports that not only did county commissioners impose a 3 percent property tax increase allowed each year by state law, but they also topped that off with tax increases that they did not impose in previous years but kept in their back pocket (allowable by state law).

The Star-News reports that county commissioners have also decided to increase annual solid waste fees from $30 to $70 per year for homes and from $235 to $480 per year for businesses.