Body in Canyon County Cornfiield Likely That of Missing Woman


Canyon County law enforcement are expected to be on the scene of a rural cornfield south of Melba through most of the day Friday after a body was discovered there—believed to be that of 37-year-old Selena Thomas.

Nampa Police and members of the Thomas' family said she was the victim of domestic abuse and a probable victim of homicide. 

Meanwhile, Thomas' boyfriend, Alfredo Martinez, remains in custody on a parole violation but police have indicated that he is a suspect in the Thomas investigation. Three other people are also in custody, accused of being accessories to the crime. They've been charged with destruction and concealment of evidence.

Hundreds of Nampa residents filled Nampa's Lakeview Park Thursday night in a candlelight vigil to mourn the loss of Thomas.

"It's a high probability that this is the body of Selena Thomas," Nampa Police Chief Craig Kingsbury said Thursday, shortly after the discovery of the corpse. Thomas was reported missing Aug. 14.