Idaho Add the Words Advocates Return to Statehouse For Training


The Idaho Statehouse is a very pleasant place to visit in the summer months—it might have something to do with the fact that the Legislature is nowhere in sight.

But activists will spend a good part of their Saturday at the Capitol, in anticipation of another round with lawmakers in the ongoing effort to extend human-rights protections to Idaho's LGBT community.

"The Idaho Legislature, and by that I mean legislative leadership, has failed," Add the Words organizer Cindy Gross said. "They have failed all Idahoans and have put Idaho on the wrong side of civil-rights history."

Add the Words organizers will hold volunteer training and conduct a tour of the Statehouse Saturday.

That's a very different scene compared to earlier this year, when dozens of Add the Words protesters were arrested following a series of demonstrations. Many of the protesters, each charged with misdemeanor trespassing, were sentenced last month to 10 hours of community service per arrest, plus fines and court costs.

In all, 109 people were arrested on 192 separate misdemeanors.