What's Left? Just About Everything On Left Handers Day


Raise your hand (no, the other one) if you're in favor of International Left Handers Day, first observed in 1976. 

Thumbing its nose—with its left thumb no doubt—to a right-handed world, Left Handers Day celebrates the 7- to 10-percent of the world's population that favors the southpaw.

There are left-hander greeting cards, left-hander golf outings (the PGA's Phil Mickelson is even called leftie), and even left-handed gifts (mugs, bracelets, T-shirts and sportsgear).

Famous left-handers include Presidents Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, George Bush Sr., Ronald Reagan, Gerald Ford and Harry Truman, as well as Paul McCartney, Oprah Winfrey and even Joan of Arc.

Even the American Journal of Psychology says lefties are better artists and left-handed athletes have a significant advantage in sports. In fact, baseball has the famous acronym: LOOGY, meaning left-handed, one-out guy, referring to a much-desired relief pitcher who throws left-handed and strikes out left-handed batters.