Eastern Idaho Gun Shops, Low on Ammo, Only Sell to Customers Who Also Purchase New Gun


Ammo shortages in Eastern Idaho have led some merchants to refuse service to customers. In fact, one Blackfoot gun shop owner says he's only selling ammunition to customers who buy a new gun.

KIDK-TV reports that some gun shop owners are pointing to an abnormal jump in gun sales, triggering a run on ammo, while other shop owners say there's something "shady" going on.

"There are a lot of unscrupulous businesses and individuals that are charging a huge premium for (.22 caliber ammo)," A to Z gun shop owner Tim Jenneiahn told KIDK-TV. 

But Jenneiahn added that if customers ask to "just buy ammo, I have to tell them 'I'm sorry. We aren't going to do it.'" But said he would be more than happy to sell ammo to a customer who bought a new .22 rifle or pistol .

KIDK-TV reports that several Eastern Idaho gun shops said they were completely sold out of ammunition and haven't had product in stock for several months.