'Big' Ed Beckley Bails on Snake River Canyon Jump


Big-time daredevil "Big" Ed Beckley has canceled plans to jump a motorcycle over the Snake River Canyon.

After months of wrangling over jump sites and city councils, the final blow to Beckley's plan to launch himself over the canyon in a motorcycle came from media sponsor Fox, which backed out of a broadcast deal with Beckley and his team.

According to a blog post on Beckley's website, he is searching for a media partner to broadcast a possible jump in 2015, but "we have dumped over a million bucks of our own cash money in this project and will not get it back until we get that big TV deal we thought we had until FOX TV backed out."

In the blog post, Beckley indicated that the cancellation of a broadcast deal with FOX put the jump on hold.

"If no TV network wants to pay us several million dollars to do this the way we have told people we would do it then we shall walk away," he wrote.