Cinder the Bear, Badly Burned by Wildfire, Evokes Memories of Boo Boo


She's called Cinder.

And thanks to firefighters and rangers, the 39-pound female bear cub is alive. Badly burned, but alive.

Cinder was rescued from Central Washington's Calton Complex Fire, which burned nearly a quarter-million acres.

A homeowner who lost his house to the flames discovered Cinder as he was surveying the damage. She had second- and third-degree burns on all four legs. It will probably take several weeks to heal from the wounds.

On Monday, Cinder was flown to South Lake Tahoe, Calif., where she'll be cared for by the Lake Tahoe Wildlife Care Center, a nonprofit organization that helps orphaned and injured animals.

Idahoans well remember Boo Boo, another bear cub rescued in August 2012 during the Mustang Ridge Fire. The cub stayed in the cabin of an Idaho Fish and Game veterinarian before being transferred to the Idaho Humane Society in Boise. He was eventually moved to the Snowdon Wildlife Sanctuary near McCall for recuperation and then released into the woods of Central Idaho in May 2013.