Oregonian: Why Oregonians Love Idaho


We're betting that the Idaho Division of Tourism is loving this. They can't buy advertising anything like what readers of The Oregonian woke up to Sunday morning.

"Idaho: Oregonians Love It," read Sunday's headline, and no it wasn't some kind of political satire. Instead, writer Terry Richard gushed over Idaho's mountains, deserts, lakes and forests, accompanied by a slew of photos from the Oregonian Media Group's internal library. Richards wrote that he spent a good chunk of his summer vacation at the edge of the "great central wilderness of Idaho" and had particular high praise for the Hiawatha mountain bike trail, across Idaho's panhandle.

"Boise has blossomed into one of the Intermountain West's most vibrant urban centers," wrote Richards. "Just don't ask the University of Oregon to come play the Boise State Broncos there anymore (referring to the whuppin' that the Broncos laid on the Ducks in 2009)."

"Idaho is a good neighbor to have," he wrote.