Elks Rehab to Close Hospital, Shift Jobs to St. Luke's


  • idahoelksrehab.org
Elks Rehabilitation Hospital has announced that it is closing its doors at facilities in six cities, Boise State Public Radio reports

Hospital officials on July 30 reported to the Idaho Department of Labor that they expect to lay off 516 employees across the state—318 of whom work in Boise. According to a memo to Boise Mayor Dave Bieter, Elks' Boise hospital complex and several office locations will close, effective Oct. 1. Many employees are expected to be laid off at the end of September.

That doesn't mean services offered by Elks will go away entirely.

According to the letter, the closure is the result of "discussions between Elks and St. Luke's ... through which Elks will discontinue operations as a healthcare provider and St. Luke's will simultaneously open a new rehabilitation service line."

St. Luke's is expected to rehire approximately 400 laid-off Elks employees—about 80 percent of the hospital's slashed workforce—adding up to a net loss of about 100 jobs in the Treasure Valley, according to BSPR.