City of Boise Sues ACHD Over Parking Sensors


After a year of wrangling over sensors central to a plan to install smart parking meters downtown, the city of Boise filed suit Aug. 1 against the Ada County Highway District. 

Fourth District Judge Deborah Bail denied an application from the city for a restraining order halting ACHD from removing the sensors, which have been embedded under parking spaces downtown. Following the ruling, ACHD indicated it would leave the sensors in downtown roads "for the immediate future," according to an ACHD press release.

Bail's judgment is the latest flare-up of tensions between the two organizations. ACHD crews stood ready July 31 to remove sensors that have already been installed, following an ultimatum from ACHD to Boise Mayor Dave Bieter that directed the city to agree to ACHD terms on the sensors or they would be removed.

Those terms included receiving a permit for the sensors and agreeing to a licensing agreement for them. 

"The city had hoped to enter into a broader licensing agreement with ACHD to manage the ... meters," said Council President Maryanne Jordan July 30. "But since that appears to be impossible, the city instead is applying for a single permit for installation, just as any utility would when installing a gas or water line."

ACHD had a different take on the situation.

“It never should have come to this. The city received a generous offer to place the parking sensors in the streets downtown and for whatever reason does not want to play by the rules. We still hope this can be resolved amicably," ACHD President John Franden stated in an ACHD press release.