Hired Gun Won't Return to Frank Church Wilderness to Kill Wolves This Winter


Last January, Boise Weekly traveled to the Lemhi County city of Salmon to talk to locals about wolves in Idaho and the Idaho Department of Fish and Game's controversial move to hire a Salmon-based hunter to actively hunt wolves in the Frank Church wilderness.

The hunter ended up killing nine wolves, but a coalition of wildlife advocates ended up suing Idaho and U.S. officials over the kills. A federal judge refused a request for a temporary restraining order, and the case is still set to be heard before the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

But on Monday, Idaho Fish and Game announced that it would suspend its plan to use the hunter this coming season, and keep it on the back burner at least until November 2015.

The announcement came in a filing to the 9th Circuit.

In this morning's edition of Boise Weekly, we talk with David Langhorst, the man who will take over the reins of the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation next week. In the 1990s, Langhorst was executive director of the Wolf Education and Research Center and was at the forefront of the reintroduction of wolves to Idaho:

"There are people who have seized on the fact that I was involved in wolf recovery, but I also co-sponsored a bill to reinstitute Idaho's control and management of wolves," he said. "I've tried to be in the reasonable middle."