Times-News: Paraplegic Returns to Perrine Bridge to Jump, Flip the Bird



Lonnie Bissonnette
  • Lonnie Bissonnette

On July 19, Canadian Lonnie Bissonette jumped off the Perrinne Bridge near Twin Falls, parachuted down to the ground, turned around and threw his middle finger into the air and yelled something to the effect of "You didn't get me!" An ESPN camera crew was on the scene to capture it all for an upcoming documentary.

Bissonette, the world's first paraplegic BASE jumper, was nearly killed in a previous jump from the bridge—in July 2004, his parachute wrapped around his leg and when he crashed into the Snake River, the impact crushed his neck, spine and shoulder blades.

But this morning's Twin Falls Times-News chronicles his return to Idaho earlier this month, when he rolled off a platform of the Perrine Bridge, this time with a camera crew.

Following his 2004 crash, Bissonette spent five months in the hospital, but says he was always determined to return to jumping.

"We all can die any single day," he told the Times-News. "Everyone on this earth should have a passion in their life."

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