The Name's the Same, But Idaho Falls Is Now Legal




Idaho Falls, Eastern Idaho's largest city, is finally legal.

Idaho Falls' origins date to the mid 19th century, when a timber bridge was built across the Snake River, bringing in throes of miners and settlers. The town was first known as Eagle Rock, and by the 1860s boasted a hotel, boarding house, bank and post office. In 1891, residents voted to change the name to Idaho Falls. It was then a part of Bingham County, but it's now officially in Bonneville County. (FYI, according to USA Today, Idaho Falls is the largest city in the U.S. without a traditional college, although it was once considered as a site for the University of Idaho and BYU-Idaho).

But the official documents that named Idaho Falls in 1891 sit in the basement of the Bingham County Courthouse. And that had a few city officials concerned.

That's why the Idaho Falls City Council voted to approve an ordinance amending Title 1, Chapter 1 of the city code, declaring that the name Idaho Falls is officially codified.

KIFI-TV reports that the city's legal department said it was important to prove that the city was indeed legally incorporated in case the issue became some technicality in a future legal tussle. City Attorney Randy Fife told KIFI that a similar case surfaced recently when Dallas, Texas, had to prove that it was actually a city in its own county.

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