Ugly Emails Between Idaho Vet and Idaho Legislator's Wife



The effort to have a new state veterans home built in North Idaho has taken a tense, political turn.

Vets have long advocated for a new assisted living facility in the panhandle, and this coming Tuesday, July 29, they'll host a meeting in Post Falls, where architects will reveal a feasability study that calls for construction of an 88-bed facility.

But when veteran Len Crosby sent an email to Coeur d'Alene Republican Sen. Bob Nonini, inviting him to the meeting, he received a terse response.

In fact, the response came from Nonini's wife, Cathyanne, who sat in for the Idaho state senator at the Legislature earlier this year when he was recuperating from an illness. And Cathyanne Nonini's response wasn't too nice.

"Your request is received with some bittersweet feelings," wrote Cathyanne Nonini to Crosby, according to the Coeur d'Alene Press. "It was hurtful that you chose to support my husband's very liberal and unkind opponent in the recent Republican primary."

Nonini wrote that it was , "Interesting that now you ask for Bob's assistance and interest in your issue."

Crosby said he was shocked by the response.

"I am not asking you to represent me but to represent the Veterans of our district," wrote Crosby in his response. "What sort of message does this response to a request from a group of veterans and constituents send to our young people who are learning about how our form of representative government works for them?"

Crosby said as a registered Republican and a Vietnam vet, he was offended.

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