In Immigration Protest, Idaho Tea Partiers Decry 'Liberal Fascists'


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The national debate over the steady stream of immigrant children coming into the United States from Central America spilled into the streets of Eastern Idaho Saturday, as competing rallies stood toe-to-toe.

This morning's Idaho State Journal reports that members of the Idaho Falls Tea Party were met by a counter-protest group near the Sunnyside Exit of Interstate 15 in Idaho Falls.

Holding signs that read, "Save Our Country, Close Our Borders," "No Amnesty, No Citizenship" and "Dial 1 for English and Dial 2 for Deportation," Tea Party members pointed to President Barack Obama for the influx of children from Central America.

"It's a well-organized move by the administration," said Tea Partier Jim Rath from Ammon. "They're using children just like Hamas or Al-Qaeda."

But the protesters were met by a group that included Democratic congressional candidate (and former congressman) Richard Stallings, who made a point of shaking hands and introducing himself as a candidate.

"Are you a liberal fascist?" Rath asked Stallings, according to the State Journal.

"There's no such thing," responded Stallings.

Stallings later said blaming the Obama White House for the problem was ridiculous.

"I think you have a bunch of kids who are fleeting for their lives," he told the State Journal. "If we simply send them back, for many it's a death sentence and that's not American."


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