Idaho Town Gets First Stoplight... Indoors



St. Marys Hospital
  • St. Mary's Hospital

The Camas Prairie town of Cottonwood is probably best-known as that place that has a giant dog-shaped building that you see while driving on U.S. 95—Idaho's main north-south corridor. And for more than 150 years, Cottonwood has gotten along without a stoplight.

Until now.

"Did you hear Cottonwood has its first stoplight?" asks the most recent edition of the Idaho County Free Press.

But don't expect to sitting in your car, waiting for the light to change to green, with hardly any traffic nearby.

It turns out that Cottonwood's only stoplight is inside St. Mary's Hospital. And the light is actually a noise meter that warns visitors and staff that they haven't been using their inside voices.

As part of a formal effort to curb noise, hospital officials say they've already installed carpet in the hallways and are looking at other options. But in the meantime, when the stoplight hits red, it means "Ssssshhhhhh."

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