Boise Circulator Analysts: More Money Please



City of Boise officials are being asked to funnel more money toward the so-called "circulator alternatives analysis."

City officials prefer to use the word "circulator" instead of streetcar or trolley when envisioning a fixed route for Boise's downtown core. In fact, the first phase of the analysis is to determine whether the city would even support such a line.

To date, $500,000—mostly grant funds from the Federal Transit Administration—has been used to fund the analysis, which is being sprearheaded by the URS Corporation. $375,000 comes from the FTA and the City of Boise and Capital City Development Corporation each ponied up $62,500 each to help fuel the study.

But later today, the Boise City Council will be asked to slide over $63,000 more to fund the analysis. Officials say they want to "expand the project scope" to include a possible Downtown West element, plus they want to include analysis of the city's new whitewater park area.

So far, URS says it has defined the projects goals and objectives and it's preparing to engage with the public this coming fall and winter, as they consider possible routes and modes.

"I was very adamant that we start the process with the public this time," councilwoman Elaine Clegg told Boise Weekly in February. "I envision this as an extended charrette process. We'll take those comments and give them to a steering committee to kick them around. But then we'll go back to the public and ask, 'Did we get this right? Is this what you meant?'"

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