Two Top Executives Leaving Idaho Health Exchange


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When Boise Weekly sat down with Amy Dowd, executive director of Your Health Idaho, in November 2013, controversy over the health care exchange had reached a fever pitch. Yet the woman tasked with overseeing Idaho's version of the online health insurance marketplace said she was in the for the long haul.

"This is a marathon, not a sprint," Dowd told BW.

That was then.

Late last week, Dowd took another job, as CEO of New Mexico's health insurance exchange.

Additionally, the Your Health Idaho board announced that Alberto Gonzalez, who oversaw much of the operations of the Idaho exchange, including its call center, announced late last week that he was leaving to join a private consulting firm.

BW spoke with Gonzalez on a number of occasions over the years, including this past February, when calls were starting to stream into the Idaho phone bank.

"A lot of families have come to us and said, 'You know, we really couldn't afford insurance before.' But now they're finding affordable coverage," Gonzalez told BW in February.


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