Last of Derailed Fuselages Pulled From Montana River



Emergency responders had hoped the cleanup of a train derailment that sent giant Boeing 737 fuselages into Montana's Clark River might take three days, four days tops. But it was Tuesday before the last of the fuselages was pulled from the water, five days after 19 cars derailed the afternoon before Independence Day. The derailed cars included six that carried 737 fuselages, on their way to a fabricating plant in Wichita, Kan.

This morning's Missoulian reports that a "team of experts on the scene was assessing damage to the fuselages. The three on the river bank had visible scrapes and, in at least one case, a break in the upper shell." Boeing officials said they wouldn't comment for several days.

The first of the three fuselages that went into the river was pulled out of the water July 6, the second on July 7 and the third on July 8. The Missoulian said, for the most part, rafters and kayakers were able to float by, but the wreckage became an extremely popular spot to take a jaw-dropping photo.

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