Washington Lights Up Recreational Pot; It's Expensive and There Isn't Much to Go Around



A year-and-a-half after Washington voters approved the sale of recreational marijuana, a new era begins today when 24 stores who snapped up the state's first licenses to sell pot will open their doors. Ultimately, more than 300 pot stores are expected to open.

Some stores were expected to open as early as 8 a.m. Pacific Time, but other store owners said it was better to "know your audience" and wouldn't open 'til about noon.

Meanwhile, officials at Washington's Liquor Control Board say they're approving between 10 and 15 new applications every week.

Simply put, the new stores will sell pot to adults over 21. Up until now, medical marijuana was abundantly available in Washington.

Time Magazine reports that the "lines will be huge" for the historic happening. But shoppers will be surprised to learn that they'll only be allowed to buy small amounts and possess one ounce of pot. And it will be pretty expensive. Prices will start at $12 a gram, and go as high as $25 a gram. In Colorado, where recreational marijuana has been sold for a while now, prices have already dropped to about $8 a gram.

Most importantly, Time reports that "cops will be everywhere" looking for people who might light up in public, drive while stoned or other infractions. Additionally, the state liquor control board says it will be running sting operations to make sure pot is not sold to underage customers.

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