Remington Settlement Pending Over Controversial Model 700 Rifles



Remington, makers of America's most popular hunting rifles, has reached a nationwide settlement involving claims that many of its Model 700 bolt-action hunting rifles had defective trigger mechanisms. The settlement, which is expected to recall millions of weapons, is one of three class-action suits filed against Remington involving the Model 700.

One of the claimants, Loren Korpi, an Oregon resident, filed suit in a Boise courtroom in September 2013, when he said a Remington 700 fired without touching the trigger when he was hunting in Elmore County in October 2012. The bullet reportedly traveled through Korpi's leg, ankle and foot, causing permanent injury.

The recent settlement also involved numerous hunting incidents throughout the country, including a 9-year-old boy who was killed when his mother released a safety on Model 700 Remington as she prepared to unload her weapon.

Attorneys for Remington have yet to comment officially on the formal "notice of settlement" that was filed last year in a Missouri federal court.

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