Big Dig: Eastern Idaho Site Is Historic Bed of Dinosaur Fossils


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An Eastern Idaho dig site may soon yield some of the most important dinosaur bones ever found in the Gem State.

Two paleontologists, who got permission to comb through a construction project in Bonneville County, have spent the better part of a year at the site and they claim to have uncovered nearly 200 specimens.

KIFI-TV reports that the paleontologists claim to have found a number of extremely rare fossils of smaller dinosaurs.

"Lots of things we don't usually find, like the meat-eaters," L.J. Krumenacker, a Montana State doctoral student, told KIFI-TV. "All of these animals we didn't know we had, we're finding evidence of here."

Krumenacker and her partner, retired paleontologist Steve Robison, say their work is far from over. KIFI-TV reports that the two plan to continue to search the site over the next couple of years.


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