Eighth Street in Downtown Boise to Change Direction


  • CCDC

Beginning Monday, Sept. 1, drivers will notice something fishy about Eighth Street. That's because the Capital City Development Corporation has approved a reversal in the flow of that road's traffic. On that day, cars will start traveling north on the road instead of south.

According to a CCDC press release, the conversion will "immediately improve overall downtown traffic flow, provide local bicyclists a safer lane option and help relieve potential traffic issues on Main Street when periodic lane closures occur during construction of the Multimodal Transit Center on Grove Plaza."

The conversion is meant to be permanent and was orchestrated to use Eighth Street as a traffic "release valve" to relieve congestion on Main Street during periodic lane and road closures.

CCDC is also touting the conversion as a boon to cyclists. Currently, the bike lane on Eighth Street is the only such lane in the city that runs against the flow of car traffic. The conversion would align auto traffic with a northbound "sharrow" and create a southbound buffered bike lane, permitting two-way bike traffic on the one-way street.