ITD: A Need for Speed? Not Just Yet



Anyone thinking about declaring their independence next week by putting a little more of the pedal to the metal on Idaho highways needs to tap the brakes on that thought.

When Boise Weekly wrote a brief blog a week ago, alerting readers to the July 1 change raising speed limits on rural stretches of Interstates 15, 84 and 86 to 80 mph, the online comments began to erupt.

"Carnage and mayhem to follow shortly thereafter," wrote mtnbkrid.

"Trouble is a comin! Double trouble. They must want to reduce the population in Idaho," wrote Eve Kunz.

"This is literally an accident waiting to happen. Most people all ready exceed the speed limit by a minimum of 5mph over it. You know full well they will be averaging 85-90 with this change. Not to mention, whose pockets is this speed change for all the signage coming from hmmm??" wrote Tonia Clark.

"Let the killing begin...effing idiots!" wrote Terry Ratliff.

The change came in the wake of passage from the 2014 Idaho Legislature this past February, which prompted some interesting Statehouse conversation:

"I would hope that we could speed this bill along," said Rogerson Republican Sen. Bert Brackett.

But the Idaho Transportation Department is apparently a bit nervous about rolling out the new law. On Friday, June 27, ITD said it would delay the speed limit increase after receiving a lot of comments regarding the announcement. ITD officials say they want to provide some new speed studies and analysis to its board on July 11. Meanwhile, the AAA Idaho wrote that it "applauded" the decision for the review.

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