Boise City Council Rejects ACHD's Bike Lane Committee


ACHD crews wasted no time in erasing the evidence of Boise's buffered bike lanes. - HARRISON BERRY
  • Harrison Berry
  • ACHD crews wasted no time in erasing the evidence of Boise's buffered bike lanes.

The back and forth between the Boise City Council and the Ada County Highway District continues, after the ACHD announced a group of 42 stakeholders to study how to make bike lanes work best for downtown Boise. The panel includes cyclists, pedestrians and downtown business owners, as well as staff members of the city of Boise, ACHD and Valley Regional Transit. No elected officials sit on the panel.

But Maryanne Jordan, the president of the City Council, is once again not satisfied with ACHD and she's once again speaking out against it. 

Jordan submitted a letter to the ACHD commissioners June 24, stating that, "By a unanimous vote, the Boise City Council requests that the currently configured stakeholder group be suspended until such time that the leadership of the Council and Commission can meet to identify specific policy direction for the effort."

She wrote the council is unhappy with the stakeholder panel because it's been asking for a meeting with the commission since the bike lanes were ripped out in the beginning of June, wishing to "identify policy goals and objectives prior to establishing the stakeholder working group."

Without establishing those objectives, Jordan wrote, the council is "deeply concerned" that "the effort will be in vain."

She was also displeased that the council had no input on the composition of the stakeholder group. She wrote that  the city's transportation planner wasn't even included in the panel originally.

The stakeholder group is scheduled to meet June 25 at noon at the ACHD auditorium, 3775 Adams St. ACHD spokesperson Craig Quintana said there are no plans to cancel the meeting as Jordan requested.

"[Her letter] came at the 11th-and-a-half hour, so it's a little late," Quintana said. "It's kind of hard to tell a group of 40-some people not to show. The show must go on."

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