Idaho 'Solar Roadways' Co. Catches Attention of White House, Bill Nye



Scott and Julie Brusaw flank Bill Nye, the Science Guy
  • Scott and Julie Brusaw flank Bill Nye, the Science Guy.

And now it's Bill Nye (you know, the Science Guy) who is a fan of North Idaho's Scott and Julie Brusaw and their idea to turn the nation's highways into solar panels.

The idea of solar roadways isn't anything new. In fact, here's a Boise Weekly article from 2010 on the concept.

But more recent online stories about the Brusaw's Solar Roadways company have gone viral in the last few months and recently caught the attention of the White House.

This morning's Bonner County Daily Bee reports that the Brusaws were guests of the Obama administration last week at the White House's first Maker Faire. And that's where the Brusaws met with Nye to thank him for his inspiration.

Meanwhile, back in Idaho, Solar Roadways' Indiegogo campaign culminated at midnight June 23 with the company's crowdfunding campaign topping $2.2 million, more than twice its $1 million goal. The Brusaws said donations came in from all 50 states and 165 different countries.

And the Daily Bee reports that Solar Roadways is setting up a brick and mortar shop in downtown Sandpoint. They're hiring their initial team to staff the office this coming week.

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