P-R: Idaho School Could See Charter Revoked


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Apparently somebody didn't do their homework, and now an Eastern Idaho charter school has been threatened with closure.

"The problem with Odyssey is they did not achieve accreditation candidacy status in the first year," said Idaho Public Charter School Commission Director Tamara Baysinger. "They were aware of the requirement but, unfortunately, they did not accomplish what they needed to, so they're considered a non-accredited school at this point."

The Idaho Falls Post Register reports that the Idaho Public Charter School Commission has fired off a letter to officials with Odyssey Charter School in Idaho Falls, saying that the school had failed no fewer than three accreditation readiness visits and would not be able to achieve its accreditation by the state-imposed June 30 deadline. The school still has 30 days to reply to the letter, and that would be followed by a public hearing before a final decision is made.

State charter officials say the school wasn't able to show a budget, financial plan or even enrollment data.

The Post Register reports that the school had about 200 students when it wrapped up its school year earlier this month.

"It was every intention of ours to meet those deadlines and make those goals," Odyssey school board member Andrew Whitford told the Post Register. "However, they did stress at that time there was a lot of work to get done in a short time and it just did not happen. We have not given up at this point. We have full confidence we can attain candidacy in the fall and we're making progress in that step."


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