Idaho State Board of Education Approves Campus Firearms Update



While much of the Treasure Valley media focused on the Idaho State Board of Education's review of Albertson paying $12.5 million to Boise State University for the naming rights of Bronco Stadium, the State Board also approved a new firearms-on-campus policy.

Meeting in Idaho Falls Wednesday and again today, the ISBE approved an amendment to its campus safety policy for four-year public institutions. The updated policy makes it clear that firearms are allowed on campus only as described in section 18-3309(2), or as allowed by the institution as part of an event or program approved by the institution president.

Idaho Code is about to be updated Tuesday, July 1, when the guns-on-campus law goes into full effect. Idaho universities will continue to ban openly carried weapons, but concealed weapons in and around campuses will become the new normal. Boise State officials are quick to point out that all weapons will be banned in student housing, as well as in entertainment venues, including the Student Union Building, Bronco Stadium, Taco Bell Arena and Morrison Center.

But most of Idaho's public university campuses are relatively quiet during the summer months, and beginning Aug. 13, university officials are expected to stand before the board and update the panel on their new security plans in the shadow of the law, which by then will be more than one month old.

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