Idaho Supreme Court Upholds Verdict in St. Al's / MRI Lawsuit


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In a unanimous decision today, the Idaho Supreme Court affirmed a jury verdict awarding more than $52 million against Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center for what it said was a breach of contract with MRI Associates, a Boise medical imaging company it had partnered with.

MRI had accused of Saint Al's of trying to undermine MRI's existing relationships with local physicians and patients while the two were still in partnership, which went into effect in 1985. But in 2001, Saint Alphonsus became a member of IMI, which within a year opened a new facility of its own in Meridian. In 2004, Saint Alphonsus gave notice to MRI that it would dissociate from its partnership. That's when MRI cried foul.

Ultimately the case was tried by a jury, which found in favor of MRI's claims of breach of contract, intention interference with a prospective economic advantage, breach of fiduciary duty and civil conspiracy. Damages totaled $52,084,513.

Today, Idaho's high court upheld the jury verdict and affirmed $4.6 million as the value of Saint Alphonsus' original partnership share.


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