Middle School Yearbooks Confiscated Due to 'Inappropriate Material'


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When students walked into a Central Oregon middle school June 12, the last day of class, they were under the presumption that the only book that they would be taking home that afternoon was the annual yearbook.

But that didn't happen as approximately 750 Cascade Middle School yearbooks were yanked from students' hands after students quickly discovered that someone had put what school officials said was "inappropriate" material under multiple photos of students and staff.

But it turns out that the school officials had learned that someone had apparently hacked into the print file of the yearbook as long as three weeks ago. Officials said they were assured by the company that prints the yearbook that the inappropriate material would be covered by stickers which could not be peeled off. But, you guessed it, the stickers peeled off. And the Central Oregon Bulletin newspaper reports that there was even more inappropriate content than originally thought.

Officials said the only way to print another set of yearbooks would cost $10,000, which they said may be prohibitive. A local business owner has already donated $1,000 for a reprinting and is urging other Bend, Ore., businesses to do the same.

Meanwhile, school officials wouldn't elaborate on the details of the inappropriate material, but they insist that they know who some of the student "hackers" are and their investigation is continuing.


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