Idaho GOP, Dems Will Convene in Moscow Over the Next Two Weeks


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The ratio of noise versus news will dial up considerably this weekend and next as Idaho Republicans and Democrats gather for their annual state political conventions. Reporters love conventions because there is a disproportionate number of men and women who love to see their names in the paper. Politicians love them because ... well, there are plenty of reporters to oblige politicans' desire to see their names in the paper.

So you can expect to read a fair amount of "he said, she said, he disagreed" news reports in the coming days as the Idaho Republican Party launches its annual state convention today in Moscow. The event continues through Saturday. Much will be made about struggles for party leadership and similar matters that rarely impact citizens' lives.

Former Arkansas Gov. and perennial presidential wannabe Mike Huckabee will be the guest speaker at this evening's convention kickoff dinner at Moscow's Best Western University Inn. Kentucky's junior senator, Rand Paul, will give the convention's keynote address Friday. Most of the convention's activities will be held at the University of Idaho Kibbie Dome.

Less than a week after Republicans hit the road, Idaho's Democrats will be going to Moscow to hold their own state political convention Friday, June 20, and Saturday, June 21.


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