UPDATE: Moose Tranquilized After Spending the Day Touring Boise's Greenbelt


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UPDATE: June 10, 2014 4:30 p.m.

Local law enforcement officers from the Boise Police Department and Idaho Fish and Game ultimately were able to tranquilize a moose that had spent the better part of Tuesday in and around the Boise Greenbelt—first spotted at Warm Springs Golf Course and then the Greenbelt near Parkcenter Boulevard.

After shooting the moose with a tranquilizer, officers finally tackled the moose on the banks of the river, again near Warm Springs Golf Course. Officers set up a perimeter around the golf course to keep the moose off of the grounds and away from the public. Moose are considered to be dangerous if they are threatened.


The Idaho Department of Fish and Game is asking the public to steer clear of what they call an agitated moose that was first spotted by golfers early Tuesday at the Warm Springs Golf Course and by midday the animal had made its way down the Boise Greenbelt near Parkcenter Boulevard.

Fish and Game is hoping to tranquilize the moose to move it from the area.



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