Idaho Falls Collapse Triggers Emergency Inspections of Underground Parking Lots



It has been a full month since a giant crane was swallowed into the ground in Idaho Falls, after the collapse of the superstructure of an underground parking lot. And now, city of Idaho Falls officials have begun a ramped-up inspection of all public and some private underground lots in the city's downtown.

KIDK-TV is reporting that a city fire marshal and building inspector found that the collapsed parking structure had "grossly deteriorated" steel beams and columns inside and has since been condemned.

The city has since inspected an underground garage and underground warehouse where cars were parked on top. Both had some minor water intrusion and cosmetic flaws but no cause for serious concern. Four other underground garages have been targeted for inspection in the coming days.

Idaho Falls Fire Marshal Ken Anderson said it was hard to judge "what loads structures will hold before something like [the recent collapse]."

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