Boise River Flows Increasing This Week



The Boise River is still running cold—and it will be significantly swifter later this week.

The Bureau of Reclamation is set to increase flows from Lucky Peak dam today by about 300 cubic feet per second, a nearly 50 percent jump from its current flow. Another increased flow of about 400 cfs is expected to come flowing from Lucky Peak and into the river on Tuesday, June 10. Simply put, the increases are expected to dial up the flow to approximately 1,350 cfs through the city of Boise by midweek. Citizens are asked to take extreme caution when going near the river.

The additional water is designed to assist salmon migration in the lower Snake and Columbia rivers in accordance with a 2008 federal ruling.

Flows are expected to remain high through mid-July, but then return to normal mid-summer irrigation levels of about 700 cfs.

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