ACHD Forgets About '30-60 Day' Comment, Yanks Bike Lanes


The electronic signs alerting drivers to Boise's buffered bike lanes on Capitol Boulevard, Idaho and Main streets have been out of date for a while now: the signs still say that the lanes will be in place until June 3.

It doesn't matter anymore. In fact, the Ada County Highway District won't even bother updating the signs. Instead, the lanes will be dismantled in the next few days after ACHD commissioners refused to budge Friday, standing by their earlier decision to pull the plug on the pilot project.

Boise City Council President Maryanne Jordan made one last plea to the ACHD at a special meeting Friday, echoing the thoughts of many of the lanes' proponents—that the pilot project wasn't given barely enough time to gauge a more complete picture of how they would, or wouldn't, become a part of the downtown fabric.

"We had a pretty good idea of where ACHD was likely to go on this," Boise Mayor Dave Bieter told Boise Weekly.

BW reported in April on Bieter's skepticism on such pilot projects.

"I have learned, over time, to be careful about pilots," said the mayor.

But when BW asked ACHD Vice President Mitchell Jaurena about Bieter's comments, he said his fellow commissioners took the mayor's concerns into consideration but wanted to push through with the pilot anyway.

"This is not being set up to fail by any means," said Jaurena. "I think within 30 to 60 days, we'll find the information we need to see if the pilot is successful."

But 60 days never happened.