Times-News: Mystery Substance in Snake Probably Caused by Algae Bloom


Mysterious globs on the Snake River began appearing over the Memorial Day weekend, and by May 27, the globs had a "blackish tinge" and had spread to the south bank of the river from Centennial Park to Auger Falls in the Twin Falls region.

The Twin Falls Times-News first reported on the globs on May 30, and this morning, the Times-News reports that a regional water quality manager with the Idaho Department of Environmental Quality theorizes that an algae bloom may to be blame.

"There had been no rain during the time frame of concern, so storm water was not an issue," DEQ's Balthasar Buhidar told the Times-News, adding that no dead animals or fish were found, indicating a lack of toxicity in the river. "Dissolved oxygen is well above standards and appears to have remained so during the event."

Buhidar said the DEQ is still awaiting results of a lab test to confirm what infested the Snake last month.