Something Old, Something New: Owyhee Sign Appears in Downtown Boise


Earlier this month, Boise Weekly told you that the next incarnation for the historic Owyhee would begin on Wednesday, July 9, with the former hotel being completely renovated into a downtown mixed-use apartment, retail, office and dining space.

"We'll have 36 units available, beginning in July," Mike Brown, co-owner of L.A.-based company Local Construct, and co-owner of the Owyhee, told BW, adding that the first floor will include some of the Owyhee's original architecture and some newer features, including a revamped restaurant, and long library-style tables in the lobby.

"We're really taking a swing on building a new downtown, wireless, public space for people to hang out," said Brown.

Meanwhile, some new signage has appeared on the revamped building's corner.

Giant O-W-Y-H-E-E letters have gone up on one side of the building with a matching set soon to appear on the other end.

A public grand opening is set for July 9, but a waiting list has already begun to grow for those interested in living in the new downtown space.

"It's an interesting waiting list," said Brown, who told BW it included young professionals and baby boomers looking to dial down their lifestyles.