Boise Office Building Scooter Stunt: At What Point Did This Guy Think It Was a Good Idea?


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You can imagine what the water cooler talk sounds like this morning at One Capital Center in downtown Boise.

That's where nearly two dozen people complained of headaches and dizziness and 13 people, including three pregnant women, were taken to local hospitals for possible carbon monoxide poisoning.

The bizarre incident, which occurred shortly after 1 p.m. on May 28, was sparked by a man, an employee in the building, who began riding a gas-powered 50cc moped on the fourth, fifth and eighth floors of the 14-story building. The man was not cited for any criminal behavior, but emergency responders told the man that it was a violation of the city's fire code to operate gas-powered equipment inside a building. Some workers who had left the building said that the man was riding the scooter through the offices as part of a business promotion stunt.

The building includes offices for several corporations, including the Simplot Company.

The fumes triggered a number of workers in the building complaining of nausea. In a few incidents, some of the people vomited. But responders said none of the workers suffered what appeared to be life-threatening injuries.


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