AG: Idaho Furniture Store, Insisting It Was Closing, Was Pulling Switcheroo



You've heard of them, or possibly even seen them: the businesses who insist that they're "going out business" and "everything must go," yet the sale stretches on for months, and sometimes years.

One Idaho Falls furniture seller allegedly tried to do just that, but got into some hot water with the Idaho attorney general, who accused the retailer of an unlawful going-out-of-business sale.

Under the Idaho Consumer Protection Act, a seller may not advertise a going-out-of-business sale unless the seller is, indeed, closing for good. According the AG, S&S Sales Inc., dba Oakridge Furniture, and its owners, L.Kip and Angela Steed of Idaho Falls, wanted to close one store and open another under a different name. And the ICPA says an owner can't advertise that they're going out of business if they're reopening under a different name.

During Oakridge's "closing," it advertised: "$2,000,000 Store Closing Liquidation," "Store Closing Sale," and "Everything Must Go."

Under an agreement, S&S agreed to pay $500 to the AG's Office for legal expenses, and saw its $10,000 civil penalty suspended, as long as it promises not to pull the stunt again.

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