The Future of Iconic Idaho Bookstore Remains a Mystery



Iconoclast Books, which has regularly crusaded for the livelihoods of local businesses in Ketchum, now needs as much support as it has given its community. Simply put, the owner is facing an eviction notice following six years of turmoil.

The Idaho Mountain Express reports that the founder of Icononclast, Gary Hunt, died in an automobile accident in May 2008, leaving his widow with the challenge of keeping the doors open. But six years later, Sarah Heddrick is facing serious debt—to the tune of $85,000—and a pending eviction notice.

"I have to walk down the street and see people I owe money to," she told the Mountain Express. "I couldn't look them in the eye if I filed (for bankruptcy). These are people I know and love."

So while the clock is ticking toward possible eviction, Heddrick said she has started an IndieGoGo online fundraising campaign, and as of this morning, that effort has raised $32,000.