Oregon Is Next: U.S. District Judge Will Rule Today on Same-Sex Marriage


It will be noon today (1 p.m. Mountain Time) when a U.S. District Court judge in Oregon is expected to hand down a ruling on that state's current ban on same-sex marriage. The decision will come less than a week after  U.S. District Court Judge Candy Dale handed down a ruling, saying a similar ban in Idaho was unconstitutional.

Federal Judge Michael McShane indicated that he'll reveal his decision on marriage equality today. Four same-sex couples had sued the state of Oregon, asking for the state's ban to be overturned.

But unlike Idaho, the attorney general of Oregon, Ellen Rosenblum, decided not to defend Oregon's ban and said she agreed that the law should be overturned.

A number of same-sex marriage advocates are expected to gather in Eugene, Ore., today to read the judge's ruling.