100+ Boise Teens Rounded Up At Weekend Kegger in Mountains


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Dozens of teenagers are in some hot water, and could face criminal charges, in the hangover that was a weekend kegger in the mountains off Bogus Basin Road May 17.

The Boise County Sheriff's Office and the Boise National Forest said they're still mulling whether the teens will be cited for drinking and leaving a lot of trash at the huge kegger, which attracted more than 100 partygoers. Law enforcement said there was also evidence of widespread drug use at the party.

Boise County Sheriff Ben Roeber said the main priority the next morning was to get the teens back to Boise safely. Many of the youths were brought back to Boise via an Ada County Sheriff's Office bus. Their parents anxiously waited for them in the parking lot of Highlands Elementary School in the pre-dawn hours of May 18.

Additionally, police said there was a significant amount of trash left at the site, including according the Boise County Sheriff's Office "bottles, cans, piles of vomit" and several fires still burning. Some trees had also been knocked over. Sheriff's deputies said they were tipped off about the party late Saturday night, and when they arrived on the scene they discovered 30-40 automobiles and well over 100 people. The majority of the partygoers were high-school students from Boise.

Officers estimated that about 80 impaired teens were lined up and walked out to an Ada County Sheriff's Office Inmate Labor Detail bus, which was waiting out on Bogus Basin Road.


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