Fox to Broadcast Daredevil Snake River Jumps


  • Ashley Smith/Times-News

Snake River Canyon-jumping daredevils "Big" Ed Beckley and Eddie Braun have found a media partner to broadcast their planned launches over the canyon, the Times-News reports.

In a Monday press release, Fox Broadcasting announced it will be running a live special featuring the jumpers with a working title, "Jump of the Century."

According to the press release, "This fall, on the 40th anniversary of Evel Knievel's high-stakes attempt to jump across Idaho's Snake River Canyon, two very different personalities—professional stunt man Eddie Braun and Big Ed Beckley—hope to achieve what Evel could not by crossing the gaping 2,300-foot-deep canyon."

In fact, the canyon is 486 feet deep. The jumpers will have to span between 1,700 and 2,800 feet to successfully cross it.

Beckley and Brown have previously vied for the right to make the jump and media attention, but now, they'll be television competitors as well.

"Hollywood has a formula—everything is a damn competition show these days," said Scott Truax, who's building Brown's rocket. "They loved Snake River, but unless it's a competition, nobody would watch it, or apparently so it goes. So we are a competition now."

Although Fox has agreed to broadcast the jumps live, it's unknown if the jumps will take place on the same day.