Well Done? Idaho Natural Gas Producer Goes Commercial



It's official. After decades of on-again, off-again attempts, a successful and, more importantly, commercial natural gas production operation has begun in Southwestern Idaho.

The Independent Enterprise reports that Texas-based Alta Mesa has contracted with Intermountain Gas to send supply from its Payette County pipelines into Intermountain's pipeline. The 1,900-foot deep well in New Plymouth is the only one thus far directly linked to the pipeline, according to an Alta Mesa official.

The state of Idaho is expected to receive between 12 percent and 15 percent of the royalties.

Alta Mesa partnered with Idaho-based Snake River Oil and Gas to kick-start natural gas exploration in Southwest Idaho it purchased a number of wells from Bridge Resources in 2012. Canada-based Bridge liquidated many of its assets in the wake of financial troubles at the height of its 2011 Idaho drilling operations.

Meanwhile Alta Mesa is looking for more permits after conducting so-called vibroseising, to determine where it might next drill for gas. The sequential sound waves shake the ground and dart through the Earth's crust, each wave bouncing back when it hits a formation. The images are then transmitted to a separate receiver truck, parked on an elevated parcel of land and connected to an antenna similar to a radio tower. The receiver truck collects the signals, creating the sonogram-like images.

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