14 Idaho Panhandle Businesses Receive Citations For Serving Alcohol to Minors in ABC Sting


  • Visitor7/Wikimedia Commons

In a sting conducted by plainclothes police officers and underage youths, Idaho State Police Alcohol Beverage Control found that of 48 businesses licensed to sell alcohol in the Idaho Panhandle, 14 served alcohol to minors under the age of 21. 

That's a 29-percent fail rate. The statewide failure rate is between 10 percent and 15 percent for age compliance checks.

Businesses caught serving to minors received misdemeanor citations. Here's a breakdown of citations by county:

Bonner County: 11 businesses checked, one sale to a minor

Kootenai County: 23 businesses checked, nine sales to minors

Shoshone County: 14 businesses checked, four sales to minors

In March, ABC conducted 93 compliance checks in Caldwell, Emmett and Nampa. Misdemeanor citations were issued to 10 businesses. In June 2013, the Boise Police Department handed nearly two dozen citations in an "adult provider/shoulder tap operation."