How Do You Feel About a 57-Cent Increase in Your Idaho Power Bill?



Idaho Power had forecast approximately 6.8 million megawatt-hours through hydroelectric generation for its 2013-2014 year. But when those actual hydroelectric-generated MWh come in too low, as they did by 1.1 million, the state's largest utility said it needed to pass that impact to its customers.

That's why Idaho Power has submitted a Power Cost Adjustment—in other words, a rate increase—which could bump up utility bills by 1.04 percent beginning June 1. An average customer would see an increase of about 57 cents on a monthly bill. According to a statement from Idaho Power, "The typical Idaho residential customer using 1,050 kilowatt-hours of energy per month will see an increase of about $0.57 on their monthly bill. The actual percentage of change will depend on a customer’s group and the rate they pay."

In the April 15 statement, Idaho Power said residential customers would see a .56 percent bump, a "large power" customer would see a 2.17 percent increase and irrigation customers would see a 1.04 percent increase.

Idaho Power officials also said, looking forward, the current hydroelectric generation is expected to be about 86 percent of its normal expectations with some reservoirs "significantly lower than normal due to persistent dry conditions during 2013."

Comments on the proposed rate hike are currently being taken by the Public Utilities Commission until May 8 at

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