Why is CWI Going to Boise for Graduation Ceremonies?


Thousands of students, faculty and staff make their way to Canyon County each day to attend the College of Western Idaho. So, why is it that CWI will be holding its spring 2014 graduation ceremonies in Downtown Boise next month, when the Ford Idaho Center is a stone's throw away from CWI?

This morning's Idaho Press-Tribune reports the city of Nampa didn't have an official response, but when CWI officials were asked by grads-in-waiting, they said the decision was financial.

It should be pointed out that a fair amount of CWI's student body commutes from the Boise metro area each day, so making their way to a ceremony on the campus of Boise State shouldn't be much of an issue.

It turns out that CWI gets a financial break by partnering with Boise State University, which will hold its own graduation ceremony on Saturday, May 17, at Taco Bell Arena, several hours before CWI's ceremony.

In fact, CWI has a two-year contract with Boise State and Taco Bell Arena, and the 2014 ceremony is the second year of the two-year pact.