Part of Jackson Hole Sliding Away


It's been moving at a rate of about an inch per day—leading some officials to say that a Jackson, Wyo., landslide is more like a land-creep. But it is no less dangerous.

In the past two weeks, a piece of the East Gros Ventre Butte has collapsed, tearing one home in half and threatening several others. Meanwhile, a cluster of businesses below the threatened homes are worried that they might be lost as well.

Jackson, a gateway to Yellowstone National Park, has seen dozens of residents forced to leave their homes. The ground began shifting April 4, but in the past few days, the movement has doubled in speed and force

Meanwhile, city of Jackson crews are erecting barriers to protect the city's water main and sewage lines from the slide.

Experts are looking at a number of possible causes for the slide, including man-made, but the focus right now is to stabilize the dirt, clay and rock before it moves any further.